Firmware Release 3.2.018

Firmware 3.2.018 has been released to all users. This should be the last 3.2.x version update as we finalilse the 3.3.x release.

2021-11-22 MWJ  3.2.018  OTA release
- Vehicle: added optional automatic trip report generation
    Details: https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/userguide/notifications.html
  New configs:
    [notify]  report.trip.enable        -- Send trip report on vehicle off (bool, default no)
    [notify]  report.trip.minlength     -- … minimum trip length in km, default 0.2 km
  New command:
    stat trip                           -- Output statistics for current/finished trip
- VW e-Up: added acceleration support; OBD by reading from ECU,
    T26 deriving from speed changes
- Fiat 500e: enhancements courtesy of Gunther Huck
- OTA: Add support for v3.3 hardware (ESP32 rev3)

For full changelog, see changes.txt

Thanks to all the open source developers who contributed to this.