Firmware-Release 3.3.003

Firmware 3.3.003 ist nun in "main" verfügbar. Release 3.3.002 (03/2022) hatte ich vergessen hier zu beschreiben, daher jetzt hier mit dabei.

2022-09-01 MWJ  3.3.003  OTA release
- Toyota RAV4 EV: Initial support added. Only the Tesla bus is decoded and just listening so far.
- Location: configurable flatbed movement alarm repetition
  New configs:
    [vehicle] flatbed.alarminterval     -- in minutes, default 15, 0 = single alarm
- GPS: added normalized signal quality level, added web UI live status info
  New metrics:
    v.p.gpssq                           -- GPS signal quality [%] (<30 unusable, >50 good, >80 excellent)
    v.p.gpstime                         -- Time (UTC) of GPS coordinates [Seconds]
- Location: flatbed movement alarm only with reliable positioning
  New configs:
    [vehicle] gps.sq.good               -- SQ level for location state "reliable", default 60
    [vehicle] gps.sq.bad                -- SQ level for location state "unreliable", default 40
  New events:
    gps.sq.good                         -- GPS position is now reliable
    gps.sq.bad                          -- GPS position is now unreliable
- Improvements to SIM7600 driver to support E-UTRAN LTE only cellular providers
- Enhance 'cellular cmd' to show output from modem

2022-03-07 MWJ  3.3.002  OTA release
- Maxus eDeliver3: Updated speed PID
- Bolt EV: Add early Bolt EV support
- Maxus eDeliver3: Add CCS Charging
	rewrite polling system
- Volt/Ampera:: added notification for "fuel" metric.
    new config: [xva] notify_va_metrics 	(bool, default no)
- Server V2/V3: added manual update request
    Note: the servers normally don't need a manual trigger to perform
    data updates, they listen to metrics changes and events. Use this
    only if you need extraordinary single updates as fast as possible.
  New commands:
    server v2 update [all|modified]     -- Request V2 data update
    server v3 update [all|modified]     -- Request V3 data update
- Notifications: add tracing (debug logging) of stream notifications
  New commands:
    notify trace all                    -- Enable logging of stream notifications
- Nissan LEAF:
 - Remote heating/cooling now works on 2011-2012 LEAFs
 - Stop charge feature added, works via app
 - Charge to Limit SOC and/or range added with a top-up feature.
 - Improved charging metric logic.
 - Fixed incorrect HVAC (Climate Control) status when charging (for 2013+).
 - 9 new metrics added
    xnl.v.b.max.gids (Max number of GIDs the battery can reach (for 2016+))
    xnl.v.b.heatrequested (Battery is requesting heater elements to turn on (for 2013+))
    xnl.v.b.heatergranted (Vehicle is OKing heater elements to turn on (for 2013+))
    xnl.v.c.chargeminutes3kW (The 3kW charge time estimate the car calculates)
    xnl.v.c.chargebars (Remaining charge "bars" on dashboard)
    xnl.v.c.event.notification (Used to not send duplicate notifications for charge to limit feature.)
    xnl.v.c.event.reason (When charge to limit feature starts the charge shows if was triggered due to range or SOC limit.)
    xnl.v.c.state.previous (Used to better handle charging substate, shows previos charging state timed to ticker.10.)
    xnl.cc.rqinprogress (Indicates the period betwen arrival of climate control action message and climate control activation.)
 - Wakeup command now charges 12V battery if connected to EVSE
 - 2011-2012 LEAF now reads AC voltage from grid
 - Fix to watchdog timer for modem driver without GPS enabled

Die vollständige Änderungshistorie ist hier abrufbar: changes.txt

Danke an alle beteiligten Unterstützer und Entwickler!