OVMS Twizy Firmware V3.7.2 SIM808 update

Firmware: http://dexters-web.de/f/tw/OVMS-Twizy-3.7.2.zip NOTE: from this release on the ZIP contains two HEX files, one for hardware V2.0 (SIM908) and one for the new V2.5 (SIM808). Flashing the wrong version does not harm the module, it just won't work as expected. Framework V2.8.6: - Support for hardware V2.5 (SIM808) - Command "GPS?" outputs usable maps link via IP channel and also adds an alternate link for OpenStreetMap - Module boot optimizations regarding LED and DIAG mode init Twizy: - Minor documentation updates ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes: see user guide tags "V3.7.2" Framework V2.8.5: - Support for hardware V2.5 (SIM808) - Support for separate charger temperature Twizy V3.7.2: - Command "CA?" now shows SOC ETR if range ETR is zero - CAN write control bitmap - Motor and PEM temperatures fixed - Charger temperature added CAN write control (feature 15) bitmap: 1 = enable CAN write access 2 = disable emergency RESET by D/R buttons 4 = disable kickdown 8 = disable battery auto power adjustments Example: enable CAN write access (1), disable kickdown (4): 1+4 = 5 => FEATURE 15 5 The charger temperature was missing in the framework, is now available within log records "D" and "RT-PWR-Log", and can be queried using command "TEMPS?". The new Android App release also displays it. Changes in temperature sensor interpretation: - Sensor 0x196 Byte 6 = was - => now: motor - Sensor 0x59e Byte 6 = was motor => now: PEM/controller - Sensor 0x597 Byte 8 = was PEM/controller => now: charger Thanks to Pascal (edriver) and Frank (Grossstadtfahrer) for the new findings about temperatures and sensors! Source: https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System/