OVMS Twizy Firmware V3.8.2

Firmware: http://dexters-web.de/f/tw/OVMS-Twizy-3.8.2.zip Framework V2.9.2: - Keep volatile features over reset - Added speed & trip length to location update (msg L) - Added b4 + substate to JSON API - Fixed spelling of 'charge_etr_range' in JSON API Twizy 3.8.2: - Fill framework car_chargelimit from feature #7 - Added charge power to MSG CMDs #203,204 (Query/Set ChargeAlerts) - Skip feature init on CPU reset - Inhibit CPU reset during charging with charge power override - New: charge auto stop control (feature #6 / car_chargemode) - Added charge control to commands CA & #203,204 - Tightened SDO bus timing - Minor code size optimizations Charge stop mode is controlled via feature 6 or combined with limits and power level using the reworked "CA" & #203,204 commands. For example, to enable automatic charge stop on reaching a sufficient charge limit, issue: FEATURE 6 1 or CA S To set charge to stop at 80% SOC and use power level 3 = 1 kW, issue: CA 80% S L3 The Android App charge limit UI has been updated accordingly in V3.12.1. See documentation for more details. Source: https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System/