OVMS Twizy Firmware V3.8.3

Firmware: https://dexters-web.de/f/tw/OVMS-Twizy-3.8.3.zip This release has taken a longer beta test phase as the new framework V3 contains a complete rework of the modem and networking code. Contact to the module is now faster and more reliable, and the module will reconnect faster after losing a connection. There are new additions to the car data model and the client protocol. SMS forwarding may now be disabled via feature 14. The Twizy code also has a lot of optimizations concerning network communication delivering faster and more regular data updates. More Twizy news: - Expansion port inputs now must be activated explicitly using feature 15 (value +16). The ports have shown to catch spurious electromagnetic pulses if left open, i.e. without connecting a SimpleConsole or alert sensors. - Charge phase "topping off" (transition CC-CV) is now detected on the BMS charge current reduction. This makes the detection independant of battery temperature. Also the notification for the phase is now enabled by feature 14 flag +64 (same as charge start). - Normal charge end is now also detected on base of the charge current, so will work even if your BMS does not reach 100% SOC at charge end. - The DC converter status is now read correctly and it's current level is read (displayed by text command DIAG or in the App's info screen). - CFG POWER now also adjusts rated torque and maximum motor power. That has no apparent effect but is done for consistency. - Battery health state (SOH) is now read from the BMS and shown in STAT?, charge notifications and the App's info screen. The BMS SOH is supposed to be the decision base for battery replacement and will normally be higher than the capacity measured by the OVMS (CAP). - Text command "CA H" ("halt") and MSG command #12 will now stop the charge process immediately, no need to change sufficient limits. - Top speeds are no longer limited by the OVMS to 111 kph. The new theoretical limit is now about 138 kph (due to the maximum rpm encoder frequency). I DO NOT RECOMMEND TRYING THIS. - Top speed now will also be set by a profile change during "GO". This is meant as a means to help you avoid speeding tickets. Take care not to set speeds like this above the underlying power map. - The automatic SEVCON login on switch-on is now more robust and will repeat until it succeeds. The login state is now reflected in new doors3 flags. See documentation for more details. Source: https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System/