Firmware-Release 3.3.004

Die Firmware Version 3.3.004 ist nun in "eap" verfügbar, und wird in ca. 7 Tagen in "main" veröffentlicht.

Änderungen in dieser Version:

- MG EV Added support for MG5 (2020 - 2023) Short Range
- MG EV Added support for MG ZS EV (2023 - ) and MG5 (2020 - 2023) Long Range
- OVMS Server v3 metrics filtering
  New configs:
    [server.v3] metrics.include         -- Comma-separated list of metric names (with possible wildcard) matching metrics to send
    [server.v3] metrics.exclude         -- Comma-separated list of metric names (with possible wildcard) matching metrics to not send
- Renault Zoe Phase 2: Initial support
- Improved output of bms shell command for narrow windows.
  New commands:
    bms volt                            -- Output only voltage info if available
    bms temp                            -- Output only temperature info if available
- Hyundai Ioniq 5: Initial support
- Support for specifying units in scripts
  New commands:
    metrics units                       -- Display available unit identifiers
    metrics get                         -- Get at a particular metric value (with a specified unit)
  Extended commands:
    metrics set                         -- Support setting with a specified unit
  Extend functions
    OvmsMetrics.Value                   -- Optionally specify a unit (and make 'decode' work) and to get values with units.
    OvmsMetrics.GetValues               -- Optionally specify a unit to get values with units.
    OvmsMetrics.AsFloat                 -- Optionally specify a unit
  New DukTape function
    OvmsMetrics.HasValue                -- Returns true if the metric has a valid value.
- Added power consumptions units:  kWhP100K,KPkWh,MPkWh
- Consolidate custom trip power consumption metrics to single value (kWhP100K)
  in Kia Niro and Kia Soul
- VFS: sorted directory listings & recursive directory listings
  New commands:
    vfs rls                       -- List  and all subdirectory contents
- Vehicle: emit standard events on charge/generator connection type changes
  New events:
    vehicle.charge.type                 -- Vehicle charge connection type has changed (e.g. ccs/type2/…)
    vehicle.gen.type                    -- Vehicle generator connection type has changed
- CAN logging: add possibility to log events (name) and metrics (JSON object with name, value, unit)
  New configs:
    [can] log.events_filters            -- comma-separated list of filters (with possible wildcard) matching an event name
    [can] log.metrics_filters           -- comma-separated list of filters (with possible wildcard) matching a metric name
- Add units Bar, Permille
- Add user configuration for groups of metrics
  Adds the 'ToUser' unit that converts to the user specified unit.
  Add -u to 'metrics list' to view metrics as  user units.
- Add completion for metrics set/get as well as units
- Mini Cooper SE: Initial support
- Hyundai Ioniq vFL: trip metrics, range estimations, TPMS, web configuration,
    charge type detection, charge speed & time estimation
  New configs:
    [xhi] ctp.maxpower                -- Default charge power limit [kW] for charge time estimations, default 0 = unlimited
    [xhi] ctp.soclimit                -- SOC level [%] for secondary charge time estimation (sufficient SOC), default 80
    [xhi] notify.charge.delay.ccs     -- Wait time [sec] for DC charge power to ramp up before sending the notification, default 15
    [xhi] notify.charge.delay.type2   -- … same for AC charging, default 3
    [xhi] range.ideal                 -- ideal new car range [km], default 200
    [xhi] range.user                  -- typical current user range [km], default 200
    [xhi] range.smoothing             -- Number of SOC samples, default 10 = ~ 5% SOC
    [xhi] tpms.pressure.warn              -- default 230 [kPa]
    [xhi] tpms.pressure.alert         -- default 220 [kPa]
    [xhi] tpms.temp.warn              -- default 90 [°C]
    [xhi] tpms.temp.alert             -- default 100 [°C]
  New metrics:
    xhi.b.range.user                  -- actual current user range [km]
    xhi.e.state                       -- General/ignition state flags
- Module: support deep sleep schedules
  New commands:
    module sleep                      -- Shutdown all components and enter deep sleep for a time span or until a specific time.
- Add support for user-configured metrics in the web interface and plugins:
   Adds an extra 'units' stream from the websocket containing sub-streams:
     - metrics (for the current user unit/label for each metric) (subscribe to units/metrics)
     - prefs (for any user preferences for unit groups/types) (subscribe to units/prefs)
   Adds proxy arrays metrics_user[] , metrics_label[] available to plugin pages.
   Adds various browser javascript functions and methods for plugins related
     to displaying user configurations Auto-converts metric display to user
     units in plugins that use attributes
- Cellular: add GPS/GNSS state control commands (for power management)
  New commands:
    cellular gps [status]             -- output current modem GPS/GNSS subsystem status
    cellular gps start                -- start modem GPS/GNSS subsystem
    cellular gps stop                 -- stop modem GPS/GNSS subsystem
- CAN framework: add bus reset command
  New commands:
    can [can1…4] reset                -- reset the CAN interface
- Vehicle: add support for custom command handlers, see…
- Renault Twizy: read battery energy available from BMS (thanks to Martin Bitz)
  New metrics:
    xrt.b.energy.avail                -- Current battery energy available [kWh] (aged)
    xrt.b.energy.full                 -- Maximum battery energy capacity [kWh] (aged, needs full charge)
- Add button on web file editor to reload obd2ECU (when obd2ECU is enabled).
- Vehicle: add support for a geofence for valet mode similar to parking/flatbed warnings.
  New Configs:
    [vehicle] valet.alarmdistance     -- How far away from the original position before raising an alert (in metres)
    [vehicle] valet.alarminterval      -- How often the alarm can be raised in minumtes
- Add metric and events related to obd2ecu process:
  New metric:
    m.obdc2ecu.on                     -- Is the OBD2ECU process currently on.
  New events:
    obd2ecu.start                     -- Called after the OBD2ECU process is started.
    obd2ecu.stop                      -- Called before the OBD2ECU process is stopped.
- Web UI: Add configuration for Valet and Flatbed geofence to the Locations config page.
- Network: New 'network ping' command to ping (ICMP) hostname or IP address. (ESP-IDFv4+ only / needs to be enabled in menuconfig - Developer Options)
- Vehicle: add automatic module shutdown/reboot based on 12V battery voltage level
  New configs:
    [vehicle] 12v.shutdown            -- Shutdown voltage level (default: disabled)
    [vehicle] 12v.wakeup              -- Reboot minimum voltage level after shutdown (default: any)
    [vehicle] 12v.wakeup_interval     -- Reboot test interval in seconds (default: 60)
  New events:
    vehicle.alert.12v.shutdown        -- 12V shutdown threshold reached, entering deep sleep
- BYD Atto 3 initial support
- Vehicle: add 12V shutdown delay & notification
  New configs:
    [vehicle] 12v.shutdown_delay      -- Shutdown delay in minutes (default: 2)
  New events:
    vehicle.alert.12v.low             -- 12V shutdown voltage level detected
    vehicle.alert.12v.operational     -- 12V recovered above shutdown level
  New notifications:
    [alert] batt.12v.shutdown         -- Alert about imminent 12V shutdown
- VFS toolkit: add recursive options to mkdir (-p) & rmdir (-r) commands
- Renault-Zoe-Ph1: add Cabin Pre-heat/cool Control 

Die vollständige Änderungshistorie ist hier abrufbar: changes.txt

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