MQTT Server

I now also provide a V3/MQTT hub additionally to the V2/MP server here.

MQTT ("Server V3" in the module config) is currently meant as a supplement to the V2 server. It serves purely as a message hub for MQTT clients. For archivation of data, processing of push notifications, the web shell etc. you still need an active V2 connection. V2 and V3 can be run in parallel.

Note: V3/MQTT support is still tagged as experimental in the OVMS, functions and data structures may change. You can find the defined topic scheme on the developer mailing list, and download a simple perl client from the OVMS Github repository.

Your MQTT login is the same as your user login here. All your vehicles can be managed and queried with that login, following the OVMS standard topic scheme.

  • Server address: ovms.dexters-web.de
  • Ports: MQTT-Standard, d.h. 1883 unencrypted / 8883 encrypted (TLS)
  • Username & Password: same as your user account here
  • Topic prefix: OVMS default, i.e. ovms/<username>/<vehicleid>

The server only allows accessing your own OVMS topics following this scheme.

Template for running the OVMS example client:

ovms_v3shell.pl --server ovms.dexters-web.de --port 8883 --tls --username '…' --password '…' --id '…'

Template for running the Mosquitto clients with JSON output:

mosquitto_sub -h ovms.dexters-web.de -p 8883 -u '…' -P '…' -t '#' -F %j

Template for executing an OVMS command (stat) with the Mosquitto client:

mosquitto_rr -h ovms.dexters-web.de -p 8883 -u '…' -P '…' \
  -t 'ovms/username/vehicleid/client/rr/command/1 \
  -e 'ovms/username/vehicleid/client/rr/response/1' \
  -m 'stat'