OVMS v3.3 certification passed

Good news regarding v3.3 certification:

I am overjoyed to be able to report that we sailed through certification, with no changes required to our design. CE, and FCC. Bluetooth, wifi, GPS, 2G, 3G, 4G, ROHS, and EMC.

It will take another couple of weeks to get the paperwork through, but the hurdle seems over and hardware design is finalised. We can now move on to production (which is helpful, as almost everywhere is running very low on OVMS stock).

The pressure is now on finalising the v3.3 firmware to match.

Regards, Mark 

Summary of changes in hardware version v3.3:

  • Main Board:
    • Silkscreen label “OVMS V3.3” (with date of production batch)
    • Change to improved internal antenna cables for GSM and GPS
    • Strengthen soldering on micro USB connector
    • Strengthen soldering on power supply capacitors
    • WROVER module to use revision 3 ESP32
    • Add 0.1uF capacitor to 12v measuring voltage divider ADC input

  • Modem Board:
    • Silkscreen label “OVMS MDM V3.3” (with date of production batch)
    • Add support for SIM7600 module (4G)
    • Fixed DTR support
    • Improve/check voltage regulator and capacitor protection
    • Reduce brightness of blue LED by at least 50%
    • Airplane mode pin fix (working ok now, but safer to pull up/down properly)
    • Confirm PWRKEY circuit tuning

  • Enclosure
    • Product label - just one label with CE and FCC certification for global use

Pricing will be confirmed early December, but likely more expensive than v3.2 due to the extra cost for SIM7600G (4G) and certification fees.