Urgent: SSL update

The root certificate for Let's Encrypt expires on September 30, 2021. This is used by the OVMS module to validate the encryption for ovms.dexters-web.de and potentially other web sites and services.

Note: this affects only encrypted connections of the module to servers. Unencrypted connections will continue to work. All current browsers of course will also continue to work, as they already include the new root certificate needed.

Unfortunately, we missed adding the new root certificate to the module firmware in time. If you run the current "edge" release, you will receive the new certificate automatically via the next OTA update.

If running the "main" release (currently 3.2.016), you need to install the new root certificate manually into the module.

I've explained how to do this in the user manual: Let’s Encrypt Root Certificate Update

Sorry for the inconveniences!

Update (September 29th)

We decided to issue a new main release version 3.2.017 today, as many users don't follow the news or forums. This release is now available on all servers in all branches/tags.

So, as an alternative to the above procedure, we now recommend to do a regular OTA update or leave this to the OTA auto update if enabled.

Note you should also update if running the latest "edge" version 3.2.016, as that had another bug regarding this issue.