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The high availability and dependability of this service is the result of my continuous work. I take care of server maintenance, fixing issues, do support and work on general OVMS development benefitting all users — all voluntary and unpaid.

The rising user and access numbers have an impact on the server requirements and the time I need to spend. Sadly, donation amounts have meanwhile been stagnating at a low level.

Every contribution counts!

1€ per month and user is sufficient to back the server costs.

You can easily enable a monthly donation via the Paypal button (this is going to dexter@dexters-web.de), and stop it any time from your Paypal account. Alternatively send by bank transfer or standing order with subject "Donation OVMS" and your email/login to DE21 4545 0050 0001 8301 16.

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Michael Balzer



Paypal Donation

Paypal Donation